We know, Direct Primary Care is WAY different than what you are used to, but this is by design.  We believe this is just a better fit for most people than the traditional Fee for Service model you may be used to.  Here are some questions patients have asked us about Walden Direct Primary Care. Click on the question to see the answer.


How does the doctor have time to offer “unlimited” primary care services?

In the traditional medical business model called fee for service, doctors get paid for how many patients they see, how complex they document them to be, and how many procedures they do on their patients.  Therefore, in order to maximize profitability, doctors are incentivized to see as many patients as possible, document the highest possible level of complexity, and do as many procedures on you as possible.  And in order to do this, most primary care doctors will care for a total population of 2500-4000 patients, see patients every 15 minutes and all billing must go through an insurance company.  However, in direct primary care, there is no insurance billing.  This can result in up to 40% savings on the care we offer. Under this model, we will establish panels of only 500-700 patients, all of who enjoy 30-60 minute appointments.

What’s the difference between this and concierge medicine?

“Concierge medicine” is a term used to describe a medical practice where typically wealthy patients pay a premium costing upwards of $1,500 – $6,000 per member per year simply for the privilege of seeing their doctor.  Concierge medicine does nothing to make the healthcare system more efficient.  With concierge medicine, insurance is still billed and inflated retail prices are still paid for goods and services provided.

What if I need medical care when I’m away from home?

We will give you options.  Call, text, or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you see children?

Yes, we see ALL children, from infants through your college kids.


Is this health insurance?

No.  Think of it like a gym membership.  You pay a low monthly fee to use as much primary care services as you need.  However, we highly encourage you to have some form of health insurance or health sharing account.

If I have Direct Primary Care, do I still need insurance?

YES!  Although our services can suffice for up to 80% of your healthcare needs, you will want to have insurance to cover expensive medications, true emergency care,  hospitalizations, and specialty care and procedures if you need them.

Can I submit DPC charges to my insurance company for reimbursement?


What if I can’t afford or choose not to have health insurance? Will you still see me?

Of course!  But without health insurance we will have to get a little more creative in finding solutions should expensive health care needs arise.

Can I get reimbursed for my Walden DPC care from by Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Unfortunately, at this time direct primary care is not a qualified HSA expenditure, so, no, we do not advise our patients to use their HSA to pay for DPC.  However, we are trying to change that. There is a strong lobby in the DPC community to get this addressed at the state and federal legislative level.  We think it makes perfect sense to pay for DPC with an HSA.  If you think so too, speak to your representatives about it.

Can I become a Walden DPC patient if I am covered by Medicare?

YES! We anticipate being able to accept Medicare patients in April 2018.  But remember, we will not bill Medicare nor will we be able to generate a bill for you to submit to Medicare.

Can I become a Walden DPC patient if I am covered by Medicaid?

Yes, but remember, we will not bill Medicaid and will not generate a bill you can submit to Medicaid.


I am a business owner. How can this be good for my company? My employees?

We believe that under this model, you can invest in your most valuable production asset– your people.   A DPC membership is an affordable investment in your employees that shows you really care about keeping them well, and getting them the best care when they get sick.  We offer special pricing for businesses, so please call to inquire about this opportunity.

Services Provided

What services are not included?

  • Hospitalizations
  • ER  or Urgent Care visits
  • Immunizations
  • Specialty care

What services are included?

View the services covered here.

Will you see me in the hospital?

Not at this time, but Dr. Steed will be readily available as a resource for you when needed.  We will have prompt follow up after your hospitalization and will reach out to the hospital doctor or specialist as needed.

Do you do immunizations?

Not yet. Currently we refer patients to local pharmacies or the Health Department.  Please note, Dr. Steed is a big advocate for the benefits of vaccinations.

What if I need labs or x-rays? Isn’t that going to be really expensive?

We have negotiated cash pay rates that are up to 60 % off the insurance rate.

Monthly Membership

What are your monthly membership fees?

View our straightforward and affordable pricing plans here.

Is the payment tax deductible?


Is there a long term contract?

No.  Join and stay for years, or leave when you feel it’s not a value to you anymore.  After a registration fee, all you pay for is month to month.

Can I just have a visit without becoming a member?

YES!  But you will be charged a registration fee of $100 plus your first month membership fee due at the time you see Dr. Steed.  However, since we bet you’ll like the experience of Direct Primary Care so well, we will apply these charges toward becoming a full member.

What if I decide to cancel? May I restart my membership after cancelling?

You may do this, but special conditions apply.