Walden Direct Primary Care saves you time and money!

Save Time & Money

Walden Direct Primary Care of Ocala, FL is hassle free healthcare.

Hassle-free Healthcare

Walden Direct Primary Care Ocala, FL is Trusted Healthcare guidance.

Trust-worthy Guidance

We Need To Think Differently About How We Pay For And Use Healthcare.

At Walden DPC we believe health insurance should be used for major, catastrophic needs (hospitalizations, surgeries, etc.). In the U.S. today, health insurance is increasingly unaffordable, lacks pricing transparency, and is restrictive with its layers of red tape. In the end, do you want this kind of system to dictate the care you receive? We don’t think so. You need something much simpler, transparent, and affordable.

In our DPC model, we offer a simple monthly membership plan (like a gym membership) that covers up to 90% of your family’s or employees’ healthcare needs. Your membership includes unlimited visits with the doctor via an office visit, a phone call, texting, or a virtual telemedicine visit. Same day availability is guaranteed. Plus, save anywhere from 20%-80% on medicines, labs, and radiology imaging with our special negotiated rates. And if we need a specialist, we have 120 standing by virtually to answer your more complicated questions. Pair this with an appropriate high deductible health plan and we believe you have the best medical coverage you can buy.



Check markI’d love to offer a great healthcare benefit to my employees but cost is a huge barrier.

Check markI want to take care of my team and make sure they know I value their contribution.

Check markI’d love for my employees to have healthcare available to them anytime from anywhere.

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Individual / Family

Check markI don’t want to feel like I have to fight just to get time with my doctor.

Check markWhen I go to the doctor’s office, I want to feel like a person and not a number.

Check markI want someone I trust to walk me through challenging times.

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  • Direct Primary Care is a good fit for me/my family/my business?
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  • How exactly does Direct Primary Care work?
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